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Advanced flow cytometry for hematologists and immunologists

Multicolor panel design, harmonization and standardization of different flow cytometers, advanced data analysis using different softwares, hematopoiesis and analysis of stem cells, immature, and mature cell populations, specific applications in hematology, detailed case studies.

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Code : 2021-ADVANCED-02
Duration : 22 hours over 3 1/2 days (10h lectures, 12h practical).
Language : English
Target Audience : Hematologists, immunologists, laboratory heads, researchers, advanced biomedical and laboratory technicians, post-docs.
Prerequisites : Knowledge of the basic principles of flow cytometry, strong background in hematology and/or cell biology.
Courses objectives : The students will learn :
• to design and perform multicolor staining experiments.
• to analyse in depth specific cell populations like stem cells, precursor cells, T-cells, dendritic cells, monocytes.
• to perform standardized set-ups with different cytometers.
Costs : Public sector: 900 CHF (up to 2 weeks prior to course start; afterwards 1200 CHF).
Private sector: the fee for applicants is available upon request.

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