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Cytometry School


The Team

Thomas Matthes

Prof. Thomas Matthes

Head of Flow Cytometry Laboratory, University Hospital Geneva and Director of the Swiss Flow Cytometry School. Thomas Matthes is Associate Professor at the Medical Faculty, Hematology Service, University of Geneva. He is currently the head of the Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory and of the “Unit of integrative diagnostics in hematology”. He has authored over 50 publications and was President of the Swiss Cytometry Society from 2009 to 2013.


Aleksandra Dufour

Dr. Aleksandra Dufour

PhD in Biomedical Sciences and postdoctoral experience in Immunology, University of Geneva, Switzerland. Member of the Flow Cytometry Group of the multi-center PRECISESADS study (doi: 10.1016/j.autrev.2016.07.034). Currently, involved in research projects in leukemia field and in charge of training at the Swiss Flow Cytometry School.


Bijan Moshaver

Dr. Bijan Moshaver

Technical Manager of the Clinical Flow Cytometry laboratory, University Hospital Geneva. After a PhD in Hematology on identification and characterization of stem cells in AML at VU University Medical Center, in Amsterdam, Bijan Moshaver worked for different academical and peripheral medical centers in the Netherlands and UK, involved in translational research and in the development of novel Flow Cytometry techniques in the field of Hematology, Immunology and Microbiology.


Carmen Donate

Dr. Carmen Doñate

PhD in immunology in the Autonomous University of Barcelona followed by 5 years postdoctoral experience in the Flow Cytometry laboratory of the University Hospital of Geneva. During the last years Carmen Doñate has been involved in clinical and fundamental research projects, investigating the homing behaviour of B lymphocytes (DOI: 10.1158/0008-5472.CAN-12-1756). She is an expert in the analysis of human and mouse samples by flow cytometry. Since 2015, she is Technical Manager at the Clinical Flow Cytometry laboratory, University Hospital of Geneva.


Cassandra Hogan

Dr. Cassandra Hogan

Technical head of the Clinical Flow Cytometry Laboratory, University Hospital Geneva, since 2011. PhD and Postdoctoral experience in Molecular Biology (epigenetics and chromatin organization), University of Cambridge UK. Technical specialist Flow Cytometry Core laboratory CIMR Cambridge, UK. Experience in training end-users in multicolor flow cytometry and operating high end-analyzers and cell sorters.


Previous Teachers

Nicolas Arraud

Dr. Nicolas Arraud

Nicolas Arraud completed a PhD in biochemistry in the field of molecular interaction studies by flow cytometry, and a postdoctoral fellowship in the field of plasmatic extracellular vesicles at the UMR CNRS 5248 CBMN, in Bordeaux; France. He proposed the use of fluorescence triggering flow cytometry as a simple solution to efficient extracellular vesicle analysis and was rewarded with the ISAC award for « Best paper of the year 2016 » ( 10.1002/cyto.a.22669). He was in charge of training at the Swiss Flow Cytometry School from March 2016 until October 2019.


Mathieu Hauwel

Dr. Mathieu Hauwel

PhD in Neurosciences, Cardiff University, UK followed by postdoctoral fellowships at University of Geneva, Switzerland and Bracco Research, Italy. In charge of training at the Swiss Flow Cytometry School between January 2012 and February 2016.


Other scientists will regularly be invited ...

Past speakers:

2021 Autumn School of Cell Analysis in Immunology
Claude Lambert (Saint-Etienne, France), Ulrich Salzer (Freiburg, Germany), Carlo Chizzolini (Geneva, Switzerland), Frédéric Vély (Marseille, France), Fouad Seghrouchni (Rabat, Morocco), Antonio Cosma (Luxembourg), Stéphanie Hugues (Geneva, Switzerland), Michael Kapinsky (Beckman Coulter), Anis Larbi (Beckman Coulter), Cristina Wolf (Beckman Coulter), Laura Ducimetière (Cytek)
2021 Multidimensional data analysis in cytometry
Helena Todorov (Ghent, Belgium), Stephane Marchand-Maillet (Geneva, Switzerland), Francis Lacombe (Bordeaux, France), Sarah Cattin (Fribourg, Switzerland), Serena Di Cecilia (BD Life Sciences), Guillaume Beyrend (VisuaLyte)
2020 Winterschool of Cell Analysis in Immunology
Claude Lambert (Saint-Etienne, France), Ulrich Salzer (Freiburg, Germany), Frédéric Vély (Marseille, France), Camilla Jandus (Geneva, Switzerland), Antonio Cosma (Luxembourg), Anne Wilson (Lausanne, Switzerland), Azzedine Tahiat (Alger, Algeria), Stéphanie Hugues (Geneva, Switzerland), Fouad Seghrouchni (Rabat, Morocco), Peter Jandus (Geneva, Switzerland), Sintia Winkler (Beckman Coulter, Switzerland), François Pujol (BD Biosciences, Switzerland)
2019 Computing and Cytometry
Hugues Jacqumin (Naumur, Belgium)
Stephane Marchand-Maillet (Geneva, CH)
Françis Lacombe (Bordeaux, France)
Helena Todorov (Ghent, Belgium)
2017 Introduction to B cell lymphomas
E. Cornet (Caen, France)
2016 Analysis of PNH; quality control
A. Debliquis (Mulhouse, France)
2016 Imaging Flow Cytometry
A. Wilson (UNIL, Lausanne, CH)
2015 Introduction to morphology of leukemic blasts
X. Troussard (Caen, France)
2014 Analysis of MRD in multiple myeloma
B. Paiva (Salamanca, Spain)
2013 Analysis of MRD in CLL
A. Rawstron, (Leeds, UK)
2012 Analysis of T cell lymphomas
P. Fernandez (Aarau, CH)