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European Congress of Immunology 2018 in Amsterdam


Nicolas Arraud was invited by Beckman Coulter to attend the 2018 European Congress of Immunology and give a talk on "Extracellular Vesicle detection by Flow cytometry".


The New Cytoflex LX is in test at the Swiss Flow Cytometry School


Beckman Coulter Switzerland organised a demonstration on the latest generation Cytoflex LX.
This benchtop machine is housing up to 6 lasers and can handle an impressive 21 colors !
To my knowledge this machine is the only one on the marked offering an infra-red 808 nm laser.
This is because PMT traditionally have a bad sensitivity in the near infra-red to infra-red part of the spectrum.
With its innovative Avalanche Photodiodes (APDs) the Cytoflex LX can detect such low energy photons.
You can then use this laser for live/dead cell discrimination without spillover in any other colors.
In addition, this machine can also be equipped with a True UV 355 nm laser.

With nearly 80kgs and 75 cm by 75 cm footprint this machine offers one of the best colors/space ratio.
Finally the system is designed for upgradability. You can chose a limited number of lasers/colors at beginning and add more lasers later on as the need grows for more colors.