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Winter School Course in Geneva


The Winter School of Cell Analysis in Immunology was organized by the Swiss Flow Cytometry School together with Claude Lambert (University Hospital, Saint-Etienne, France), under the auspices of the IFCC.

Our excellent speakers were: Ulrich Salzer (Freiburg, Germany), Frédéric Vély (Marseille, France), Camilla Jandus (Geneva, Switzerland), Antonio Cosma (Luxembourg), Anne Wilson (Lausanne, Switzerland), Azzedine Tahiat (Alger, Algeria), Stéphanie Hugues (Geneva, Switzerland), Fouad Seghrouchni (Rabat, Morocco), Peter Jandus (Geneva, Switzerland), Sintia Winkler (Beckman Coulter, Switzerland), François Pujol (BD Biosciences, Switzerland), Thomas Matthes (Geneva, Switzerland), and Claude Lambert (Saint-Etienne, France).

The course hosted fifteen participants coming from Poland, Germany, Portugal, Montenegro, Brazil, France, and Switzerland. Different topics were addressed, including flow cytometry analysis of T cells, B cells, monocytes, basophils, and innate lymphoid cells; applications of flow cytometry in immunodeficiency, tumor immunity, sepsis or hypersensitivity. New technologies like image cytometry and mass cytometry were presented.
The morning program included lectures and question and answer sessions. The afternoons were occupied by wet labs or case studies and data analyses supervised by the experts with the use of several software (Kaluza, FlowJo, Cytobank). The practical laboratory classes included basophil degranulation assay, phagocytosis, multicolor panel design, antigen density determination, T cell activation as well as cytokine production and T cell polarization.

During the workshop, the participants had the opportunity to work on the newest flow cytometers: DxFLEX from Beckman Coulter and BD FACSLyric from BD Biosciences.